NFC use cases


Beacons – love them or hate them, they’re coming!

So, what exactly does a beacon do & what kind of triggers/instructions* can be carried out?
All a beacon does is transmit an identifiable bluetooth signal triggering an event on a users handset, the rest is up to the users device to recognise that signal and carry out instructions, if any. If a user does not have the relevant beacon enabled app on their handset, then the handset may detect the beacon, but wont be able to identify it or carry out instructions. (think about it in the same way your phone automatically connects to pre-saved wifi connections, when you are in range of a known and saved wifi credential, the handset automatically connects)

There has been a lot of press around iBeacons of late about how and what they can be used for. Used wisely they can certainly provide both consumer and brand with powerful opportunity of connecting each other on a very personal level building on loyalty towards the brand and increasing awareness through social media. However, abusing their presence can lead to brand abandonment, loss of customers and bad press.

There are a few caveats when it comes to introducing beacons to the market, here are the 2 most vital:-
a) you have to have a beacon enabled App
b) you have to make consumers aware of the technology in order for them to ensure their bluetooth and location services are turned on

What kind of triggers/instructions* can be carried out?   (these are endless and can be time based) but to name a few examples:-

  • welcome messages/greetings/alerts
  • navigational wayfinding points
  • vouchers/coupons/in-store promos
  • click & collect reminders
  • check-ins
  • loyalty
  • surveys/votes/donations
  • app-launching
  • transacting

* not all beacon hardware can provide the same experiences, these examples are based on using a DTAG100 Smart Beacon

in the following image, there are 10 opportunities for beacons to be used to trigger events:- IMG_20160410_112908

  • Cancer Research can target audiences for donations or increase membership
  • Race for life can target their members to participate, drive online activity
  • # can be used to share the event and news on social media
  • Tescos, Scottish Power and Heart can target their audiences with personal messaging as well as attract new audiences**
  • Royal Windsor Race Course can attract new business with instant wins or offer discounted entry tickets to upcoming race events
  • National Rail and the local train operating company can use the location to collect information on regular commuters, building on loyalty


What’s in it for the brands and advertisers? BIG DATA – Audience Measurement***, creating brand awareness, opening 1-2-1 dialogue with their consumers, campaign optimisation, connecting their on-line journey with their off-line presence,

** subject to using @Bipzone generic utility App with a DTAG100 Smart Beacon
*** only consumers with the relevant Apps will be counted