NFC use cases


The data opportunity for retailers this Christmas – Marketing Tech News

Data is becoming more and more vital for retailers and brands to use in building relationships with their consumers and understand their shopping behaviours across all channels. optimise your offline spend and increase physical footfall on your premises.

(i)Beacons – more than just a push message!

Aside from pushing arbitrary messages to consumers there are a multitude of valuable ways in which brands and advertisers can engage with consumers on a hyper local and contextually relevant manner.screenshot-939

OUTDOOR Festivals – Sports & Events – Places of Interest – Gamification – Concierge – Ticketing – Transacting – Wayfinding – Click&Collect – Check-ins – Silent salesman et al 


For more information on how to best use beacons, which hardware to select and what information/metrics/spatial analytics can be obtained through the use of beacons, screenshot-941 from audience dwell times, heat maps and more please do get in touch!