What we do!

Engage with your consumers ‘in the moment’

A seamless and intuitive way to interact and present your consumers with a timely and relevant message, triggered by strategically placed intelligent bluetooth low energy beacons.analytics-1368293_640

Transforming the marketing landscape, these beacons are set to trigger contextually relevant content to users based upon their location, online behaviour and profile preferences, ideal for collaboration with Digital Place Based Media (DPB).

A combination of 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data, intelligent hardware & dynamic platforms enable the execution of hyper local, value added revenue generating targeting and re-targeting campaigns, building on customer loyalty and retention.

It is vitally important to develop a key understanding of the technology and the tools that are available before making any purchase commitments. For granular rich detailed spatial analytics, it is advisable to seek out a hardware agnostic platform provider. There are currently in excess of 400 platform providers and over 35 hardware manufacturers globally ranging from battery powered, mains powered, vehicle powered and even solar powered.