Will a Tweak to Chrome’s Search Upend Proximity Marketing? | DigitalNext – AdAge

Personally, I totally disagree with this sentiment! Unlike online search, physical stores and products are unable to place themselves in any form of ranking status simply because that’s what a consumer is looking for? Beacon failure was likely a lot more to do with the lack of understanding on best practices and knowledge of the technology rather than retailers especially those mentioned not having the relevant APP? NFC tags (also a pull technology) that came out long before iBeacons, also failed even though the dominant global smartphones with NFC were Android and Google could have driven user adoption if they wanted to?
What doesn’t make sense is that evidence around Apple iBeacon protocol being tried and failed, why does Google target iOS users whose default browser is Safari not Chrome, rather than focus on the Android market which is the dominant global smartphone with Chrome as the default browser? ( As of January 2017, Chrome had a 53.15% share of the mobile browser market, Safari came in at 32.44%)

Another set up for failure is expecting or waiting for consumers to tap (pull) in the omnibox whilst out and about? Surely receiving a push notification will be more effective albeit intrusive, but waiting for a consumer to tap on the search box is like waiting for it to snow in an area where snowfall is not guaranteed?

It really stands out to me as a Beacon specialist that the people in charge of setting the standards and protocols are not taking a logical approach at all! http://adage.com/article/digitalnext/a-tweak-chrome-s-search-upend-proximity-marketing/307948/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social


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