Must-Have Features for Top Ranking Retail Apps – Digital Doughnut

Apps are a) a luxury that not every retailer can afford to build and b) a novelty. I believe what has been unsaid here is that most of the App features and content are available on the web,  including CRM, CMS, marketing capabilities and more. Due to poor user experience and irrelevant content, consumers no longer freely download Apps from the App stores, the chosen Apps have to provide value to the user and have little to no interferences from 3rd parties such as advertising. Therefore it is more vital to optimise your web presence with the number one importance making it responsive in design. For those that can afford an App, by all means build one, but it is absolutely imperitive to make it relevant for the individual who is going to use it, and do NOT use your App for general purpose advertising. If and when you build an App, think of the ‘here and now’ user experience, meaning what can you provide in terms of value to the consumer in that exact moment that is not necessarily available on the web? If all things are considered, an optimised web presence is far more beneficial than an App.


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