Marketing technology: Are we talking your language?

A little goes a long way! Desk research on BOTH sides is important. Unfortunately too many decision makers seem to feel that simply with their experience, things can’t be done any other way than how they have always been done. Marketing Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate, one only has to look at how far the Smartphone has come in 10 years. Consumer habits also change, almost daily now, so marketers need to get themselves up to speed with and adopt technology, understand it and take a minute to LISTEN to the technology partners. Don’t simply adopt the approach towards technology by ‘wanting what someone else has got’ – be transparent and discuss your road-map clearly with the technology partner. Latest tech is extremely versatile and is likely to offer you far more value (saving you a lot of unnecessary spend later) if you take a little time to understand its full potential from the outset and mapping your entire road-map at the beginning.

(c) As marketers, we’re used to tailoring communications to end users. I’d suggest we’re a little less good at applying the same skills to talking to our clients. Instead, we tend to talk to every level of every potential client organisation as though they are marketing technology experts. It’s one thing for a marketing technology…

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