Increase in ad spend leading to adoption of ‘micro moment’ campaigns

If its costing you more to maintain the same audience YOY, then clearly there is something wrong? Either you’re not doing it right or you have not optimised your processes! You should at least be growing your audience. It appears to me that marketers are simply casting budget over every channel available, trying desperately to maintain their existing audience, rather than understanding which channels are the most important ones and growing their audience. Target known customers with micro moments and build loyalty by making the message relevant so that you don’t loose this audience, and target NEW customers with moment marketing by being innovative and delivering the WOW factor.

(c) Budget is always a point of contention in every department, but it’s appears to be an increasingly difficult area for those in marketing. And the recent battle for consumer attention is pushing up advertising prices even further, a new report says. Moment marketing company TVTY1 asked 200 digital marketers for their views on ad…

via Increase in ad spend leading to adoption of ‘micro moment’ campaigns — Latest from the homepage


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