Marketing technology: Are we talking your language?

A little goes a long way! Desk research on BOTH sides is important. Unfortunately too many decision makers seem to feel that simply with their experience, things can’t be done any other way than how they have always been done. Marketing Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate, one only has to look at how far the Smartphone has come in 10 years. Consumer habits also change, almost daily now, so marketers need to get themselves up to speed with and adopt technology, understand it and take a minute to LISTEN to the technology partners. Don’t simply adopt the approach towards technology by ‘wanting what someone else has got’ – be transparent and discuss your road-map clearly with the technology partner. Latest tech is extremely versatile and is likely to offer you far more value (saving you a lot of unnecessary spend later) if you take a little time to understand its full potential from the outset and mapping your entire road-map at the beginning.

(c) As marketers, we’re used to tailoring communications to end users. I’d suggest we’re a little less good at applying the same skills to talking to our clients. Instead, we tend to talk to every level of every potential client organisation as though they are marketing technology experts. It’s one thing for a marketing technology…

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Increase in ad spend leading to adoption of ‘micro moment’ campaigns

If its costing you more to maintain the same audience YOY, then clearly there is something wrong? Either you’re not doing it right or you have not optimised your processes! You should at least be growing your audience. It appears to me that marketers are simply casting budget over every channel available, trying desperately to maintain their existing audience, rather than understanding which channels are the most important ones and growing their audience. Target known customers with micro moments and build loyalty by making the message relevant so that you don’t loose this audience, and target NEW customers with moment marketing by being innovative and delivering the WOW factor.

(c) Budget is always a point of contention in every department, but it’s appears to be an increasingly difficult area for those in marketing. And the recent battle for consumer attention is pushing up advertising prices even further, a new report says. Moment marketing company TVTY1 asked 200 digital marketers for their views on ad…

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Retail brands need to refine touchpoints to keep customers, says survey — Latest from the homepage

Digital has made it possible to learn about a customer journey by being able to harvest vital data at every digital touch point – where are they, what time are they doing their research, what device are they using,how many times have they stopped and looked at your product, who your competitors are etc, there is a wealth of granular rich data available, use it. Every digital touchpoint can be accounted for, so make sure you know what they are doing across the ENTIRE journey. Don’t assume that you know your customers behaviour from past habits, the world around us is changing dynamically, and we need to adapt all the time to stay abreast of what is happening.

The more channels a retailer has, the more confusing is for their consumers, according to a new report by Omnico. The first Omnico Retail Gap Barometer looked at interactions 1200 consumers had with retailers across the channels they offer and found experience varied depending on the channel. For example, 62% of consumers said they had…

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Machine learning: The factors to consider for marketing success — Latest from the homepage

Adoption of machine learning is moving up a gear. From diagnosing diseases, to driving cars, to stopping crime, the ability of machines to learn from data and apply those learnings to solve real problems is being leveraged all around us at an accelerating pace. As data volumes continue to grow, along with advances in computational…

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What’s the big deal about customer loyalty, anyway?- The question is, what makes a customer loyal?

Customer loyalty is not about tempting consumers with ‘vapour offers/incentives’ (throwing mud at the wall hoping it sticks), its about providing a value added and meaningful experience. That can only be achieved by knowing and understanding your customer on a personal level.

(c) It’s no secret that the global loyalty industry is facing huge obstacles, largely due to declining consumer engagement and a perceived lack of benefit for merchants. While it is still growing at 10% per annum, the reality is that when most people think about loyalty, they often assume they’ll be opening the door to…

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