Multi Experience Campaign


Traditional Out Of Home Advertising can now be used to communicate with your nearby audience. Bring your static content alive with up to date proximity marketing tools, eg DTAG100 Smart Beacon and start engaging with nearby audiences, helping to boost SEM & CTR. Brands and Advertisers who already have beacon enabled Apps, can communicate with their existing App users as well as encourage further App downloads through Bipzone URi.

Brands, in particular FMCG who don’t have specific Apps can take advantage of Bipzone to drive users directly to links within their web portfolio, even providing instant or time based offers or prizes linked to nearby store locations.

Using a combination of DTAG100 & Bipzone, a ready made beacon solution, there are 10 options in the above image whereby this advert can trigger events on mobile users devices during their dwell time at the station. The DTAG100 also has a large and strong broadcasting range, which could also potentially reach commuters on passing trains or those already in the train.

1- Cancer Research website 


3- Twitter #

4- Royal Windsor Racecourse

5- Tesco

6- Heart

7- Scottish Power

8- GWR

9- Bipzone

10- National Rail




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