How to add value and boost ROI to your existing network of OOH media, static and Digital.

The dazzling lights of Times Square, Piccadilly Circus, Hong Kong, large format, 4k, 8k, static and motion led are all out there with a purpose of tantalising the general public with rich content.

Too much of this exciting and dazzling content soon becomes ‘white noise’ for a large proportion of passers by. Brands need to start taking advantage of technology that allows them to provide a memorable, engaging and immersive experience for the audiences they are playing too, and offer contextually relevant experiences to their known audience.

Having gone to great lengths securing valuable locations, large format best of breed screens, exciting and impactful content to be displayed during peak periods, but if this has turned into ‘white noise’ which is highly likely now that for the most part consumers are far more focussed on their mobile screen rather than their surroundings, the campaign will simply will not deliver the desired results. It’s time to optimise your inventory for maximum and relevant impact.

The one thing that the majority of consumers now rely and react upon is their all important and very personal mobile device. If the intention is relevant, consumers will react immediately, if not then it is highly likely that the connection will be discarded instantaneously.

New and emerging technology, while still in its infancy is available to provide brands and advertisers with the opportunity to engage with either or both a general or known audience. However, if this engagement is not relevant it could be construed as invading private space and more than likely get blocked or turned off.

The efficacy of contextually relevant content is more likely to achieve the desired effect which will ultimately lead towards building trust and loyalty between the advertiser or brand and their known audience.

DOOH as a sub-set of OOH advertising is forecast to reach $53billion by 2018.DOOH defined as the fastest-growing paid media advertising channel delivered via internet-connected digital screens outside the home, behind mobile and total digital.

Digital and Static media provide the consumer with an ‘impression’, and by using emerging technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and NFC, advertisers can make these impressions interactive, providing shoppers with a valuable and two way experience. The key is to ensure the relevancy of the interaction.

Finding the right technology can be more daunting than understanding how to make these interactions effective and relevant. Generally by adding any new technology to existing infrastructure, if the integration appears too tedious it doesn’t get done and if it is added it usually comes with the additional expense of 3rd party management platforms.

The DTAG100 is a combination of either or both Dynamic NFC and Smart Beacon designed specifically with Digital Signage in mind. It is provided as a stand alone plug and play device that anyone from SME’s to large corporate enterprises can add to their existing networks and infrastructure. The DTAG100 is both Operating System and Platform agnostic and connects via USB, making it the most versatile and flexible plug and play device to enable your campaign, albeit static or digital with both or either the magic of Beacons and NFC in real time.

Once you have introduced the hardware capabilities, then the opportunities to link and engage with the consumer become endless, which is why the importance of the relevancy of content is so important. Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, API’s and CRM data are all key components that make it possible for the advertiser to deliver contextually relevant content to the right person, in the right place at the right time. This type of engagement moves the consumer from general awareness to 1-2-1 open dialogue taking the quality of interaction to the next level, simultaneously building loyalty with their known audience on a personal level.

As we noted earlier, global spend for programmatic digital display advertising will reach $53billion by 2018 and DOOH will play a key role in this growth by adding a whole new inventory to existing online trading desks. The addition of this new and emerging technology could provide a carbon copy of the DOOH inventory driving these figures even higher.


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